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2014 Year in Review

During 2014 Mosquito Control responded to 2,122 individual complaints.
The average for the 3 years prior was 975 complaints each year.

Pool Program
During the course of our pool program since its inception in 2009 we have inspected 289 pools and have corrected 246 pools either having them operating properly or by having the owners fill them in. This has reduced the number of mosquito breeding sites in the county.
In the case of abandon homes, we are introducing mosquito fish into the neglected pools and are using them to help control the mosquito population. This saves us time, chemicals and manpower that can be used for other purposes.


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Larvarcide Program
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We have already started treating the 20,000 storm drains in the county in anticipation of the spring rains to help curb the mosquito population. This will occur 4 times a year.

Mosquitoes and mosquito larvae will make their home in the storm drains during the winter season. They will then be ready to start hatching and feeding as soon as the temperature goes above 62 degrees for a few days.

Mosquito Complaints
Complaints about abandon or neglected swimming pools, collections of tires and mosquito problems can be called in to (311) or 706-821-2300 where the operators are ready to take your calls, or you can go to the link at the top of the page and leave an e-mail.

We will respond to each call or message and do whatever we can to help.

Upon each visit to your property we will review with you an inspection conducted by our Mosquito Technicians, so someone must be at the property when the inspection is performed.


Mosquito Technicians
Our Mosquito Technicians will answer your calls for service and help.
Annually these men receive EPA mandated classroom and field training to keep abreast of any new developments and any new treatment techniques developed over the winter. They are well equipped to complete the Mosquito Surveillance Inspection and handle any mosquito situations they come across.

Randy E. Wishard
706- 667-4234

Fred Koehle
Special Projects Manager

Allen Hillman
Operations Manager

Augusta Environmental Services Department
Environmental Services has developed a schedule for the residents so that each month there is a location for you to recycle used tires and eliminate another mosquito breeding site on your property.

See the guidelines for the dates, locations and how many tires you can bring each time. Help us clean up this problem in the county.
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