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***Due to the volume of applications received, we are unable to provide information on application status by phone or email.
All qualified applicants will be considered, but many may not necessarily receive an interview. Selected applicants will be contacted
by the hiring manager for next steps in the selection process. Applicants who are not selected may not receive notification.***

**These positions are subject to change OR close at any time once a satisfactory applicant pool has been identified.**
County Nurse Manager, Lincoln Co. Health Dept., Lincolnton, GA



Financial Wkr./Billing Clerk II, Richmond Co. Health Dept., Augusta, GA / Laney Walker



 Nutritionist, ECHD, 1916 Northleg Rd.,Augusta, GA



PH Nurse, Augusta, GA



PH Nurse, Columbia Co. Health Department



PH Nurse, Richmond Co. Health Dept., Augusta, GA / South Augusta



PH Nurse, Richmond Co. Health Dept., Augusta, GA / Laney Walker 



PH Nurse, Richmond Co. Health Dept., Augusta, GA


PH Nurse, ECHD, 1916 Northleg Rd., Augusta, GA
The Georgian Nurse
The first issue of The Georgian Nurse is a quarterly publication from the Georgia Board of Nursing. The first edition available now. The purpose of this publication is to provide updated information to nursing licensees in GA. Content for the first issue includes the following topics:
-Board History
-Detailed Renewal Instructions
-Continuing Competency/Education Requirements
-Public Disciplinary Actions
-Recent Board Meeting Summary
-Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the Renewal Process
The publication can be accessed here:
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