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Public Health Nutritionist
Columbia County Health Department
Application Deadline: November 6, 2014
Open to all qualified applicants

Public Health Nutritionist
Richmond County Health Department-Laney Walker
Application Deadline: November 5, 2014
Open to Richmond Co WIC employees who are eligible for promotion, transfer or demotion

Public Health Nurse
Richmond County Health Department
Laney Walker - Women Health Clinic
Application Deadline: November 12, 2014
Open to all qualified applicants

Environmental Health Specialist I or II
Jefferson County Health Dept./ Environmental Health
Application Deadline: November 13, 2014
Open to all qualified applicants

Registered Nurse, (WL)
Jefferson County Health Department, Louisville, GA
Application Deadline: November 21, 2014
Open to all qualified applicants

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The Georgian Nurse
The first issue of The Georgian Nurse is a quarterly publication from the Georgia Board of Nursing. The first edition available now. The purpose of this publication is to provide updated information to nursing licensees in GA. Content for the first issue includes the following topics:
-Board History
-Detailed Renewal Instructions
-Continuing Competency/Education Requirements
-Public Disciplinary Actions
-Recent Board Meeting Summary
-Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the Renewal Process
The publication can be accessed here:
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