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v  Medical Services   -Specific screening and direct care services; for example, women's health, child health checks, sexually transmitted diseases, and tuberculosis


v  Education and prevention methods related to chronic diseases and the risk factors associated with each, in addition to a Hypertension Management Outreach Program (HMO).


v  Nutrition  (WIC)    


v  HIV/AIDS education and testing services   


v  Dental services   


v  Access to behavioral health (A RCHD initiative)


v  Environmental Health -Protects water and air quality; Enforces health and safety codes in public places like restaurants, swimming pools, and other businesses;  Plays a major role regarding injury education and prevention. 


v  Disease Investigation/Surveillance -responds to and monitors disease outbreaks, for example, public health epidemiologist investigated the recent salmonella outbreaks, and found the link to peanut butter.


v  Emergency or Disaster Preparedness  


v  Emergency Medical Services (EMS) -assures compliance with ambulance health and safety rules and regulations

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Target Population

We serve everyone in our community.  In addition, we also provide certain programs for residents who are underserved. The underserved are principally working residents between the ages of 18 to 64, and are uninsured. We provide a safety net, and link them to available community services. We also provide certain direct services that are not available or not accessible within our community.