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About the ECPHD

Stephen Goggans, M.D., M.P.H.
District Health Director
East Central Health District

To prevent disease, injury, and disability; promote health and well being; and prepare for and respond to disasters

A lean and responsive state government that allows communities, individuals and businesses to prosper

A Georgia with healthy people, families, and communities is a place where public and private sectors pool their assets and strengths with people to promote health for all. Decisions are made in harmony with economic and environmental concerns, as well as with healthy human development.

A healthy Georgia is a state with dynamic and healthy communities. In healthy communities everyone is welcome and belongs; people respect each others cultural heritage. They care for and help each other, and protect their surroundings for recreation and reflection. Healthy communities are safe places for people and families to live, work, and play; they have adequate food and housing, quality education and training for children and adults, jobs and and suitable public services.


DPH's workforce is guided by the following core values in carrying out our public health work:




-A pledge to abide by the organization's mission, vision and values and advance the practice of public health.




-Continuous improvement for optimal efficient, effective, and responsive performance,




-Good stewardship of the public's trust and the public's funds,




-Openness and honesty in all aspects of operations,




-Participatory relationships, both internal and external.




 -The sharing of information and active collaboration to solve problems, make decisions, and achieve common goals


 –New approaches and progressive soluti.ons to problems. Embracing change and accepting reasonable risk,




-The application of the best available research, data and analysis leading to improved outcomes


Customer Service:


 -Outstanding and equitable treatment of customers and clients, both internal and external, by listening, understanding and responding to needs



- We value all people, our employees, our clients and those we serve